About Us

Our commintment with sustainability and social impact measurement.

The Company

GOODPTION started out with an obsession.
The obsession to change the way we perceive trousers as the simple and boring part of
the outfit.
The answer to our need to have fun in what we do and what we wear. We have united
this concept with the Spanish handicraft tradition, capturing all our creativity with the
warmth of handmade work. The result is exclusive and unique trousers made just for

Our Mission

Nuestra misión socialOur social aim: To use our company in an innovative way by collaborating with small factories to take advantage of their deadstocks, reducing waste and economic costs as much as possible.
Nuestra misión de productoTo create Limited Edition trousers from the highest quality fabrics to control the stock and be as sustainable as possible to help the planet.
Nuestra misión económicaTo manage our company towards sustainable economic growth by prioritizing our social aim and our product aim.

Our Vision

To design especial trousers through our creativity that were created “JUST FOR FUN”

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